#Fast50 : Fun Facts!

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The challenge: share 9-12 stock pictures that represent you. Then share a #Fast50 fun facts or beliefs you personally hold true.

fast 50:

1. when in doubt, over-dress; and use the nice plates. Don’t save ‘em for a special occasion. 👗

2. time spent on, in, or near water is never wasted 🌊

3. making memories and capturing moments is better than ‘stuff’ or ‘things’ 📸

4. pugs are their own thing, their own creature, unlike any other dogs 🐾

5. music can literally be healing – if not physically, then at least mentally-emotionally-spiritually 🎶

6. birds are so much cooler & more beautiful & interesting than people give them credit for 🐦

7. health is the greatest blessing/privilege 🤒

8. if you ever want to buy me something, you can’t go wrong with something rose gold or PINK (although, my entire house is basically shades of blue, grey, and teal!) 💖

9. crocs are hella comfy 🐊👟

10. michael jackson was innocent 🕺🏽

11. #freebritney is a major human rights issue 💯

12. aliens/UFOs likely exist 🛸👽

13. heaven is another dimension in the multiverse 😇

14. gavin rossdale is one of the most-underrated frontmen, ever. and bush = one of the most under-appreciated rock bands 🎸🎤

15. some of the best smells are: gardenia, lilac, jasmine, honeysuckle, saltwater, ocean air, puppy breath, cookies baking. 🌸🍪

16. my parrotlet asking me for, and subsequently thanking me for, a kiss, will never get old. 🦜 17. jesus was a man but god has no gender and furthermore can be found in nature and all around us. ✝️

18. ghosts? angels? real. and i do believe some people have a connection to the other side. 👻👼🏼🔮

19. if an actual cure for cancer can be found, a cure for autoimmune disease will soon follow and vice versa. PS: science matters; get the dang covid vaccine. 🧬🧪💊💉👩🏼‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️

20. donald trump is a garbage human and will go down as a stain on our nation’s history … but he is a symptom of a much bigger, darker, sadder, scarier, maddening, upsetting, very real problem. 🇺🇸

21. Black Lives Matter. Trans Lives Matter. And Black Trans Lives Matter. PS feminism is inclusive. 🤛🏾

22. Ableism runs rampant in our culture and is wildly under-acknowledged and under-addressed. ♿️

23. Our foster care / child protective system is broken. 💔

24. women/womyn will change the world 👸🏼

25. dogs/animals are one of the biggest blessings, ever. 🐶

26. sunshine is medicine; travel is, too. ☀️✈️ (But I’ll also take some healing crystals and pharmaceutical drugs!)

27. empathy is the basis for all understanding. and kindness is never out of style, out of place, or our of touch. 💕

28. authenticity is better than fitting in. 🦄

29. afternoon tea in london; a safari in africa; birding in costa rica; sunbathing in bora bora; snorkeling in australia or the galapagos; wandering in new zealand…. SIGN ME UP! But so far my top 3 fav trips: Maui, Italy, Block Island. 🌎

30. fully being — and knowing — oneself is something many people never fully master. also collectively, we need more self-awareness and less ignorance ✌🏼🧘🏼‍♀️

31. the US education system is white-washed and ethnocentric. Oh, and white privilege exists, whether you understand or accept it or not 🏫

32. not everyone’s 24 hours are equal ⏰

33. toxic positivity is harmful 🙃

34. I basically love all animals. Some favs include: dogs – cats – birds – elephants – goats – sea turtles – horses – otters – axolotls – ducks – dolphins – butterflies 🦋🐐🐴🐢🦆🐘

35. all bodies & all people are worthy and beautiful in their own way 👩🏼‍🎤

36. gratitude is everything

37. it’s okay to cry. And – emotional intelligence can’t be taught but must be learned 😢💜

38. we all have gifts and struggles 💪🏼

39. babies laughing is *the cutest* and most joyful, sweet sound in the world 👶🏼

40. some of my other favorite sounds are: ocean waves, thunderstorms, water flowing/trickling, birdsong, fire crackling, dogs snoring, cats purring, justin timberlake’s singing voice, gravel crunching under your shoes as you walk. 🔥⛈🌅

41. horseback riding, kayaking, boating, snorkeling, and jetskiing are things I wish I could do more of 🛶🛥

42. the opening of a big concert … those moments counting down… when the artist or band first hits the stage … one of THE ABSOLUTE DEFINITIVE BEST moments in life!!!!!! 👏🏼

43. Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana? Murdered. 👀 ALSO: true crime & conspiracy podcasts and documentaries are so interesting and, oddly, an escape. 🔪👮🏼‍♀️🔍

44. if I won big on the lottery, after paying off debts and helping out family, and donating to charities, I’d hire an on-demand massage therapist, and a daily cleaning service, and get a boat, kayaks, jet ski, hot tub jacuzzi, pool, sauna, & beach house! And maybe do stem cell therapy for my joints. 💰 On-call deep tissue massages & acupuncture would be EVERYTHINGGGG.

45. freddie mercury was a genius. 🎤

46. pain is exhausting – and pain is also not a competition. 😔

47. morally-ethically i want to be vegan and i have tried, but my body prefers when I am an omnivore 🌱

48. being flexible and adapting to adversity and or/change and progress, is one of the biggest parts of resilience and grit, and likely a big part of happiness and contentment 🌈

49. the idea of “acting one’s age” when it comes to personal style, interests, hobbies, taste, etc. is often just an arbitrary social construct. With most things — you never have to conform! 👵🏼👯‍♀️

50. LOVE is everything. ♥️ Coffee helps too. ☕️