I’m Not a Cat.

The title of this blog is a fleeting Internet reference that may or may not be relevant in coming days, weeks, months, or years. But, that’s okay, because it’s based on something that made me laugh out loud, for real!

Anyway — hi.

It’s me. I’m here live. I — I’m not a cat.

I am, however, blogging for the first time in, quite literally, years.

I don’t know what exactly this space will be, but, I suspect it will be where my rants and ramblings live, instead of within lengthy Instagram and Facebook captions.

Eventually, I want to start blogging more regularly … and may even start a podcast!

For now, I just wanted to say hi and ‘reintroduce’ myself.

So, sign up for my newsletter, follow me on Instagram, connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook, and I’ll be chatting with you soon! You can learn more random stuff about me here.

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